The Rise Up Movements aims are to help eradicate poverty, create wealth through teaching, training and practical Life Coaching Programs, Life Skills Training, Skills Developmental Training, wherein also lays the skill to start and maintain sustainable living, become an entrepreneur and to give the nation (South Africans’) some positive skills to establish income generating projects to overcome poverty, suffering and lack of knowledge to mandate sustainable living.

Apart from creating sustainable living, is also an awareness movement. This awareness is founded on Human Rights, the Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking and Child Abuse has become the cornerstone of exploitation. RISE UP MOVEMENT has networked with various entities to promote an awareness campaign, known as a Silent Demonstration, at various locations in and around KwaZulu-Natal.

Awareness Campaigns

The awareness campaigns that are mandated by Rise Up Movement is to bring empowerment to communities. As the key essence of awareness is knowledge. These campaigns are subjected to Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking, Child Protection and Sustainable living. Eradicating the myths and providing communities with relevant information. This includes demonstrations, self-defence, and empowerment workshops.

Safehouse Project

The Safehouse project is to provide a sanctuary to house women who have encountered this vile act of crime. Many a times victims are at a crossroads when it comes to taking that first steps of freedom, the Rise Up Movement safehouse will assist women to be housed during uncertainties and while legal action has been taken on alleged perpetrators. During this time victims will be assisting with trained counsellors.

Sustainable Living

Poverty has been a constant growth in our communities, the Rise Up Movement feeding project helps disadvantage communities with hampers, bread distributions. The sandwich drive is to assist the unemployed who wait at various intersection for the odd daily jobs. This feeding project is mandated monthly in conjunction with our local policing services.

Rise Up Tuitions

Education is our weapon to liberation! Rise Up Movement tuitions entity is to assist school going learners who are finding it difficult in coping with learning areas. The tuitions offered is to help learners excel and improve on subjects that their find difficult. Incorporated into the tuitions is SCIENCE KIDZ, this initiative is founded on science experiments and exploring.

Child Protection

Child protection awareness should be embedded into our minds as parents. The information shared on this element pertains to empowering our child to be victims of abuse, bullying, or exploited. As the world evolves so too does criminals, the information shared is to ensure all stakeholders are doing their part in safety and security of our children.