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9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Ballito, KwaDukuza, South Africa
Compensation Road
South Africa

Join us as we Walk For Freedom in Ballito, South Africa

We believe that every step we take locally leaves footprints globally. Every dollar fundraised, every poster seen, every person made aware of the issue of human trafficking, add up to one Global impact – a world where everyone is free.

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Local Walk. Global Impact.

Join the movement.
October 15, 2022

Freedom Declaration

Slavery still exists in the 21st century.
People like you and I, bought and sold as commodities.
People like you and I, in this city and in this nation.
But you and I are here today.

We refuse to just talk about injustice; to simply post about it.
Instead, we’re here together in strength and numbers.
We have the power to change the statistics.
And we’re changing them right now.

This is our A21 Walk For Freedom.
A walk for justice and human dignity.
A walk for hope and restoration.
From Australia to Ghana, India to Brazil.
All over the world, we will abolish slavery with each step.

Let’s never forget that we don’t just say it–we believe it.
A world without slavery is possible.
While human trafficking is destroying lives,
We know that freedom will have the final word.

That’s why we exist. That’s why we’re here.
For Freedom.

Local Action.
Global Difference


There are millions enslaved in the world today.

Human trafficking generates an estimated US $150.2 billion per year.

Over 70% of detected human trafficking victims are women and girls.

Roughly 1 in 4 human trafficking victims are children.

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