Our principal role is to help eradicate poverty, create wealth through teaching, training and practical Life Coaching Programs, Life Skills Training, Skills Developmental Training, wherein also lays the skill to start and maintain sustainable living, become an entrepreneur and to give the nation (South Africans) some positive skills to establish income generating projects to overcome poverty, suffering and lack of knowledge to mandate sustainable living.

The RISE UP MOVEMENT, apart from creating sustainable living, is also an awareness movement. This awareness is founded on Human Rights, Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking and Child Abuse have become the cornerstone of exploitation. RISE UP MOVEMENT has networked with various entities to promote an awareness campaign, known as a Silent Demonstration, at various locations in and around Kwa–Zulu Natal.

We are committed to impart training, knowledge and skills to ensure citizens are independent and not dependent. Besides our services and skills offered, our organization vigorously seeks active participation through strategic alliance, committed quality partnerships with mainstream companies and other stakeholders at large, who are like minded, and committed in building our nation and sound economic empowerment in South Africa.

We hope to grow through government’s non-racial, non-sexual programs, non-violent programs against woman and children abuse, against all abuses in every form, which have been developed to provide opportunities for the historically disadvantaged masses in our nation.

To empower our women to be able to achieve greater heights irrespective of circumstances, race, color or religious preference.

To ensure education is the symbol of success to our future generations. Ensuring safety and protection to our children, bringing forth freedom to express themselves without exploitation.


We at RISE UP MOVEMENT comprises of astounding individuals and a network of officials who are zealous, compassionate, enthusiastic and unswerving to providing life changing support to societies in need. Each one of our team members are volunteers, who has generously given their time, aptitudes, services and dynamism to a call far greater than themselves.

The foundation of any organizations is its members, and RISE UP MOVEMENT key role players have walked the extra mile, in ensuring the voice of the less fortunate, the abused, the exploited and the bullied is echoed. The RISE UP MOVEMENT is constantly expanding with a diversity of individuals who are committed for change.

The diversity of stakeholders within the RISE UP MOVEMENT is not subjected to South Africa our affiliation extends to International platforms (All Lives Matter, Freedom Unite, International Wellness and Kindness). The Rise Up Movement is proud to be affiliated to the South African Police Services (SAPS iLembe District).


In conjunction with RISE UP MOVEMENT, the RISE UP TUITIONS element is a service provider to assist school learners in the education sector. RISE UP TUITIONS offers a wide selection of tuitions to assist learners who are having difficulty at school, over the years this entity has growth and has been successful in producing excellent results, apart from curriculum growth, learners have become more intone with learning techniques. To add grounded foundation, RISE UP TUITIONS have introduced the SCIENCE KIDZ entity. This entity is developing the mindset of learners in the curriculum of Science at an early age. The fundamental acknowledgement is critical thinking, as we embark on the fourth industrial revolution; RISE UP TUITIONS aims at bringing learners into self orientated explorers.


As the constant growth in Gender Based Violence and Child Abuse in South Africa, the Rise Up Movement has embarked on a project to ensure safety is priority. The SAFE HOUSE project is to house abused women and children until the relevant stakeholders can help with ensuring their safety. This a fundraising initiative. Our key focus is to cater for the North Coast area of Kwa Zulu Natal. RISE UP MOVEMENT welcomes any form of aid to this project as safety and security of our women and children vital.


In partnership with the RISE UP SAFE HOUSE, the RISE UP REHABILITATION is to assist women and children who encountered psychological factors pertaining to abuse. This initiative is warranted by professional, independent and government stakeholders to instill positive mindset. In additional to mindset renewal, skills development and programs are in place. This is to assist the abused with “new beginnings”. Creating sustainable living.


The Rise Up Movement awareness campaigns namely Silent Demonstration pertains to Human Rights Activism and Sustainable living. This is based on Sex Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery, Gender Based Violence, Drug Awareness, Domestic Violence, Farm Murders and poverty. Rise Up Movement are the architects of the Silent Demonstration. This was given birth during the hard lockdown faced during the Covid19 pandemic.

During Covid19 (2020) there was a spike in Gender Based Violence activities and this vile crime became the attention of many South Africans; in parallel to the Human Rights and government guidelines we formulated the Silent Demonstration in June 2020. This gave birth to awareness in form of standing at a designated spot with placards with no movement. This element resonated within communities and stakeholders in promoting awareness and identifying the relevant protocols tools that are in place.

The Rise Up Movement feeding project has been on constant growth in assisting various communities with basic essentials. Poverty needs to be eradicated. In partnership with stakeholders 2020/2021 target of one million meals have reached the two hundred and fifty thousand mark in Kwa Zulu Natal. Rise Up Movement has reached its ten thousand meals within the North Coast area, this includes bread distribution, sandwich drive, grocery hampers and kids’ packets. SAPS iLembe District has been the Rise Up Movement driving force within the Kwadukuza District.