The Rise Up Movement community network with Ballito Neighbourhood Watch. Incorporated to this community event The Rise Up Movement had the privilege in bringing community awareness on child safety. This is one of the key focus of The Rise Up Movement approaching the 2023 holiday season.



The Rise Up Movement annual Christmas fundraising initiative, as we approach the festive season an appeal is made to communities and businesses to donate towards this cause, your contribution will help us to help the less fortunate.



 The 2023 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence primry focus is RESPECT and WHAT DOES ONE DO WHEN IN CRISIS?  The Rise Up Movement focus is to empower men and women to be proactive in awareness and school communities on what actions needed when one is in crisis.  This community initiative will be conducted at various communities within the iLembe Cluster.


Rise up Movement
OCTOBER 2023 The Rise Up Movement annual walk against Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking held at Ballito. The key focus on this year “What to do when in crisis” this is the foundation leading to 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence 2023. Providing information on victims rights, protocols and logistics when in crisis, ensuring case lodged have relevant information, aiding the oppressed in applying for protection orders. What is required and the process of interim and final orders.


JUNE 2023

The Rise Up Movement in partnership with Marshall Security and Chapman Security Solutions launches its annual blanket Drive 2023.


April 2023

The Rise Up Movement Easter Outreach saw 100 (6 packs) of Hotcross buns handed over to car guards along the Dolphin Coast Beach and to informal settlers within the Dolphin Coast. One Act of Random Kindness puts a smile on the less fortunate.


The Rise Up Movement Easter awareness campaign on Gender Based Violence and Child Protection focusing on Kidnapping in partnership with Umhlali SAPS Police Station Salt Rock Neighbourhood Watch Ballito Neighbourhood Watch and Community Police Forum was welcome by many holiday makers and locals. Information was shared via flyers and engaging with citizens. The key elements was If you see something-say something. Safety is a shared responsibility. Awareness is Empowerment.


The Rise Up Movement partnership with Umhlali SAPS Easter Egg Drive 2023 at various schools and day care centers within Umhlali SAPS Cluster in Kwadukuza KwaZulu-Natal. An estimate of more than 10 200 Easter Eggs distributed. One Act of Random Kindness makes a difference in the life of the less fortunate. A small gesture has seen smiles, enthusiasm and joy. A Captain Vinny Pillay initiative. In additional The Rise Up Movement handed over baby formulas to Summer Hill House in Etete. Networking with our community welfare organisations in ensuring aid is available as the need arises.


MY600 2023 The Rise Up Movement is calling on local businesses and individuals to assist with a sponsorship/donation of R600.00 towards its community welfare initiative namely Safehouse/Shelter for women who have encountered Gender Based Violence. The Rise Up Movement target of reaching 1600 businesses to assist with a donation of R600 will help us get this project off the ground.


The Rise Up Movement will be launching the Gender Based Violence Campaign at Sasol Salt Rock.  Incorporated to this awareness will be The Rise Up Movement MY600 Campaign.

Flyer distribution and information on Gender Based Violence including signs,  logging of case, and court procedures will be shared to the publicly share this information within your circle and should you be available, kindly join us.

25 November 22

The Rise Up Movement launches it’s 16 Days of Activism – Orange The World against Gender Based Violence at Newark Police Station, Ilembe District.

27 September 22

Sanitary toiletries and bread for Qoqulwazi High School

Sexual assault is an act in which one intentionally sexually touches another person without that person’s consent, or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will.

1 September 22

The Rise Up Movement awareness campaign at Simbithi Golf Estate golf day, The key focus was Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking.

Sexual Offences 13799 reported cases as per fourth quarterly statistics, South Africa.

Rape is a human rights violations, be the voice for the oppressed if you see something – say something!

Woman’s Day 2022

Nelson Mandela Day at Kwadukuza in partnership with SAPS Umhlali. Outreach Programme 2022

Nelson Mandela Day at Kwadukuza in partnership with SAPS Umhlali. Outreach Programme

Human Trafficking awareness campaign on signs of Trafficking and Kidnapping


Stance Wars Event, Kwazulu Natal. Awareness on Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking prevention and accountability.

Bass Crusaders Against Gender Based Violence Fundraising initiative

Winter blanket Drive 2022 with CMH Group Ballito

Community Welfare outreach KZN Floods

Child Awareness Campaign at Shakskraal SA primary school

Human Rights Month 2022

Community Outreach

Crisis Centre

9 May 2021 Mother’s Day awareness at Shakaskraal, handing out flyers to various faith-based organisation on Gender Based Violence. This included local surgery staff. Flyer information consist of SAPS information and safety protocols.

April 2021 Freedom Day awareness held online social media, remembering our young women who lost their lives through domestic violence.

27 March 2021 self-defence skills offered to school going females at Ringside Boxing Umhlali. The purpose of this programme, to skill females on information and basic skills.

January 2021 Modern day Slavery month. Due to COVID19 lockdown measures in place, this campaign was mandated via social media awareness. Information shared was different forms of trafficking, safety protocols and awareness.

16 December silent demonstration held at Ballito bringing awareness on Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking within our communities.

1 December 2020 Radio interview 88FM (Life&Style) this related to Gender Based Violence, understanding the different forms of this criminal act.

16 Days Activism against Gender Based Violence helped in partnership with SAPS Verulam/Umhlali Kwa-Zulu Natal. Awareness of a silent demonstration held on November 2020.

August 2020 – Women Month, celebrating women with flowers handed out at various intersection in the North Coast, celebrating women (random handouts). Keeping with the theme women should be acknowledged for their contribution towards economy, home, and the workplace. Women empowerment.

16 June 2020 awareness campaign on Gender Based Violence at various intersection in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The intent was standing up for the oppressed.

3 June 2020 awareness campaign held in Ballito. Silent demonstration on Gender Based Violence and Human trafficking.