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Aim and Objective

The Rise Up Movement in partnership with All Kreations and Ballito TV launched its GBV365RISE (#GBV365RISE) on the 1st of November 2021. This reality campaign will be a year awareness campaign and fundraising drive.

The launch focus on this much needed campaign will be the Safehouse project within our communities to house women who have encountered this vile act of Gender Based Violence/Domestic Violence.


Your contribution towards this entity is a step forward in making a difference within our community. Gender Based Violence is a pandemic in South Africa, at times the difficult process of this despicable crime is a place of safety. Adding to this is many a times, victims have no place to be housed during the timeframe of justice to be served. We humbly appeal for help. Be part of the solution to this pandemic by rendering a contribution in saving a life. As a race of humanity let empathy be the foundation of knowing you have made a difference. We encourage you to be part of the movement. With awareness comes empowerment and empowerment brings knowledge. Knowledge that victims who encountered this criminal act has been taken care of.



Every donation or pin badge purchase will automatically put you in a draw to win prizes worth over R92,700 Help us help others by helping us build a safehouse to protect our woman and children.