The Rise Up Movement safe house provides secure accommodation for women and girls who are at danger of
or have been subjected to violence.

This entity provide essential aspects of protection, services and resources which enable women who have experienced abuse to recover from the ferocity, to rebuild self-esteem, and to take steps to regain a self-determined and independent life with appropriate resources, the Rise Up Movement have the capacity to deliver the range of protection and support facilities necessary to help victims of this vile crime and those at jeopardy of violence to avoid upcoming abuse. The Rise Up Movement safe house also contribute to awareness-raising and social change as part of wider efforts to avoid violence against women and girls.
Survivors of violence do not report abuse and often do not seek help from official service stakeholders and authorities for many reasons. The presence of and supports offered by safe house can address some of these barriers by encouraging women and girls to seek assistance. The Rise Up Movements Safe house also has a role in strengthening the excellence of responses provided by stakeholders who are in contact with abused victims. Upsurge awareness and understanding among women and girls of what establishes gender-based violence and violations of their human rights; Assist women leaving situations of violence to exercise the legal, police and social service structures in order to access the critical protection and support provided by these organisations (facilitating orders of protection, skills development, therapy, and self-defence initiatives). As the voice for the oppressed, the unique voice of safe house is essential within our communities,’ efforts to end violence against them. This safe house will constitute not only housing victims of Gender Based Violence, however catering for women empowerment. he Rise Up Movement safe house promote women’s equality and often have a role in speaking out on universal issues of discrimination, partnering relations between individual women’s knowledges and the circumstances of women within ethos that provide rise to violence against them. All victims who are housed at this entity will be subjected to the protocol of the South African Police Services and the court intervention.